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What is the temperature control electronic cigarettes

Evic vt atomizer temperature precise regulation achieve different smoke directly, to achieve real liquid smoke taste!
What is the temperature control electronic cigarettes
Temperature control within the electronic cigarette is through yanju chip to detect the real-time resistance of the spray head change real-time output power to ensure that the spray head in setting up a good working temperature, liquid limit reduction real smoke taste, achieve different effect of smoke!
These conditions of ordinary electronic cigarette, you received?

1, poor taste, atomizer and high or low temperature, taste bad.
2, inadequate atomization, smoke liquid atomization is not sufficient, it felt like to drink smoke oil.
3, the smoke is small, power is not enough, small smoke, poor experience.
4, have the smell of burnt food dry, fluid of voltage fluctuation is too high, causing dry with the smell of burnt food.
5, smoke cannot adjust, out of the smoke volume size there is no way to regulate.
6, short battery life, battery capacity is small, lose electricity, no electricity when using, influence smoking effect.

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