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Electronic smoke a few things that should be paid attention to

1, low battery voltage
Electronic host generally have the lowest discharge voltage protection, don’t need to worry too much. For mechanical host, there is no minimum discharge voltage protection. Batteries work under lower than the minimum discharge voltage is very dangerous, so if you are using a mechanical host, when smoke obviously changed hours, can consider to change the battery, don’t smoke a cigarette to all have no, to change the battery.
PS. Try to use the host, avoid to use mechanical host
2, dirty coil
Electronic cigarettes atomizer coil use after a period of time, will become black, carbon deposition, the smoke less, not only taste, heating wire working temperature will be high, easy to dry local overheating. So try to use clean coil, and don’t wait to taste can’t smoke in the atomization core again.
3, a strong sense of strike throat
Some users like the strike throat feeling particularly strong, so choose high nicotine concentration of smoke oil, and the great smoky atomizer. In general, it’s nothing bad, but all things regularly, suggest little smoke atomizer does not exceed 18 mg, great smoky atomizer not more than 12 mg. If there is need to be more strong blow throat feeling, can consider to tobacco smell of smoke oil, a noseful of larynx are generally stronger.
4, the use of oil atomizer drops when driving
Like a call while driving, easily distracted, for themselves and others safety, never use drops of oil atomizer while driving.

5, avoid nicotine overdose
Nicotine overdose is also called nicotine OD, the electronic cigarette is essentially a nicotine delivery devices, it is to feed your body nicotine, excessive intake of nicotine is very dangerous. Light person can make you dizzy for a moment, the person that weigh may, poisoning symptoms of nausea and vomiting, and even have dangerous life.
Many electronic cigarette users like to smoke a lot, I want to say to you, lower concentration,.
Some of the new user tries to play great smoky, I want to say to you, to start from 0 mg.
Some users want to practice vomit a smoke turn, I want to say to you, with no nicotine pure glycerin.
6, unsafe atomizer coil
For users to use mechanical host, because there is no any mechanical host protection circuit, it is not like electronic main opportunity to judge atomizer resistance, but the output voltage of the battery directly to the atomizer, at this time if the atomizer resistance is too low, can produce a large current, even close to short-circuit, at this moment, atomizer coil is unsafe, be sure to avoid this kind of circumstance happening. Every time a good habit is to use the new atomizer Joyetech eVic-VT , or a new atomizing core, first check all resistance is in a reasonable range.
7, steam tongue
, steam tongue refers to the use of a smoke oil time is too long, the sense of taste for the smell of the oil smoke already numb, the feeling will get light taste. A good habit is tie-in and different oil smoke as far as possible, keep the relative sensitivity to taste. At the same time pay attention to clean the mouth and nose. Sometimes blow your nose electronic cigarettes taste will be better, not letter you try.
8, battery loose
Whether electronic host or host machine, and always keep the good contact of the battery, ensure the stability and consistency of the circuit.
9, dehydration
In the electronic cigarette smoke oil composition has the effect of dehydration, dry mouth is normal phenomenon, especially the atomizer with great smoky, drink more water.

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